Monday, February 16, 2009

Gay Caballeros get a Boehner!

(Washington AP) The now infamous 1979 "Orgy of the Little People", which was brought to mass media attention by Senator Joe Lieberman (treehorn! 9/03/08), has seen it's legend grow with the announcement that Republican House Majority leader John Boehner was a participant in the midget wrestling troupe's Pittsburgh sexcapade.

"I'm here to talk about how the Democrats are ruining the country, what with their condoms and their education and all...I'm not here to rehash some night thirty years ago, with Lil' Rambone, who was just about this tall..." (the accompanying gesture is pictured above). After further railing against Democrat's 'foul' morality, Boehner was asked if this wasn't hypocritical posturing,
"I don't see what the damn hippos have to do with it! For Christ's sake, I've never been to Africa." With that, Boehner stormed from the podium, loudly berating the 'liberal press' and shouting to an assistant to "Get Hannity on the goddamn phone!".

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