Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dick Armey: Right-Wing Army of idiots.

Washington (AP) Former US representative Richard K. "Dick" Armey said today that he owed much of his career success to the fact that "Right-wingers are mostly idiots, which makes them so easy to control". Speaking before a packed house at the Dulles airport AmericaInn, Armey delivered his message of "straight-talk" to a crowd consisting mainly of members of the FreedomWorks right-wing propaganda machine. The apparent insult didn't seem to have any negative affect upon the conservatives, in fact just the opposite as the room of red faced white people frothed at the mouth as Armey openly denounced their collective intelligence.

("Dick"Armey pictured at the event demonstrating a Karate move alongside his constant companion, the Disgraced Tom delay, who spoke nothing but seemed to be mouthing silently word-for-word Armey's speech, while frozen in place with a glazed look in his eyes)

 After leaving the podium, Armey was asked to clarify his remarks and said only "These people know what I'm talking about, they want it loud and with no intellectual bs." He then added, "Obama has more brains in one of his farts than we have here in FreedomWorks, but that's not what counts you see".  Before hoisting Delay upon his shoulder and slipping out of the service access, Armey wrapped up his speech to delirious applause by reciting the FreedomWorks credo: "We're not smart, we're just right or more good",