Saturday, February 7, 2009

Etrade Baby clipped for Reefer Madness

New York, NY (UPI) 
The latest salvo in the war on celebrity herb enthusiasts was felt today as spokesmen for online stock trading company Etrade announced that Ron Fardner was released from his contract. Known as the talking baby in the company's series of popular television commercials, Fardner had achieved international fame and was recently signed to a multi-picture deal with Fox Searchlight.

The fallout was a result of a series of controversial photos, one of which is shown here, which were leaked to the media showing Fardner smoking what appears to be marijuana from a Blackberry model pipe. Fardner reps released a statement from the actor in which he admits being present at the college party where the photo was taken, but denies that he was smoking the Blackberry but rather "gumming" the device to sooth emerging teeth.

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