Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Miller hospitalized

Moscow Idaho, AP. Local celebrity Dick Miller was hospitalized here late Saturday evening after attempting to consume a fancy shirt. An unnamed woman wearing the shirt was slightly injured in the incident, no charges have been filed at this time.
In a statement released to the media Monday, Miller disclosed "I saw a cake-frosting shirt, I thought it was a party favor". He further described the incident as "Regrettable" and "Disturbing". "I had been drinking from a wine-skin full of homemade prune Kahlua", said Miller, "I underestimated the high alcohol content, and believe that the prunes may have been overly fermented or oxygenated in some fashion". Miller added that in his intoxicated confusion, "That shirt looked just like a cake. I don't really like cake, but I love frosting." Miller has apologized to the woman involved, and has reimbursed her towards a new shirt.

This is the seventh arrest for the longtime Moscow gad-about. Well known for his odd comic styling and the catchphrase "Step it off Grandma!" Miller's film and television career has been on the decline since the 1998 big screen clunker "I ate what?" co-starring Corey Haim, though he has recently gained a small cult following as the voice of Stankenstein in the cartoon Drunkula's Castle.