Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Hello all, Jesus here.  I am happy to again post as special correspondent to the TREEHORN collection.  I am lounging in sunny Mexico during this holiday season, and at this moment enjoying some kick-ass mariachi, as you can clearly see.  I wanted to send out my greetings and conveyance of hope to all who despair, you know what they say, "The last shall be First".  Of course that notion is wishful thinking, just like health care reform.

I see that the Balloon Boy's dad is going to jail for causing a fiasco with his fakery.  Nothing shows the true state of society than a guy faking his own son's balloon tragedy, just so he could be as famous as an Octomom, whatever the hell that is.  Why is he the only one doing time?  How many outright lies have representatives of your government told, all very straight-faced, this past year?  I actually know, and it qualifies as a shitload.  A quantifiable load of shit, that's what you have there.

Well, I have to get back to the fiesta. Charo is here, she still has it!
Respect, Jesus.

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