Friday, April 24, 2009

Velazquez mystery revealed!

Madrid: 356 years ago, Diego Velazquez delivered a cryptic message painted as a reflection in a palace mirror. The image, receded in the background of one of the world's greatest paintings titled "Las Meninas", has baffled scholars since the artwork went on public display 200 years ago.  
Technology, it seems, has at long last revealed the ghostly image in clarity, and that clarity has produced a shocking revelation: Irish balladeer Bono has lived for at least 400 years.
Representatives of the Prado museum disclosed the eerie visage before a room of shocked reporters and dignitaries. A recent maintenance and cleaning of the masterwork gave opporunity for an array of high-tech gadgetry that was used in scanning the painting for the first time in seventeen years. " I terrifically shocked!" announced Brettelo Mosherino, a Velazquez specialty curator for the Prado. "There had been the rumors you see, but we all thought them funny business, now I see for myself and I am wondering like everyone, who is this Bono?" A news conference scheduled for Friday afternoon in Dublin could shed some light upon that subject, as handlers for the rock and roll band U2 have hastily arranged a briefing in the Dublin docklands.

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